Simple to use

Ear Trainer is very straight forward to install and use. As a matter of fact, it does not come with a user manual because it embodies an out-of-the-box user experience. Ear Trainer teaches you in a simple yet highly effective way.

Easy to customize

All facets of your ear training are fully customizable, including: range, sharps/flats, interval types, chord types and their inversions, scale types, tempo types, ascending/descending scale order, bass/treble clef, playback instrument, and amount of questions per section. And there is actually a lot more.

Progress tracking

Ear Trainer monitors your progress for each session as you train, and also collects data from previous sessions. The historical data from your previous ear training can be cleared with a click of a button.

MIDI instrument support

Ear Trainer supports MIDI via USB, which means that you can use your MIDI device with the program for input. You can also use the built in graphical piano control or a multiple choice of answers for input.

Educational reference

Ear Trainer has built in Wikipedia style illustrations with note positions on the note stave and keyboard, as well as intervals, chords, scales, and tempo illustrations. This will come in handy for users not yet proficient in sheet music grammar. These references are printable.


Ear Trainer


How will I benefit from using this program?

You will benefit by developing your musical ear, which is essential to learning to play a musical instrument. In particular, you will learn to recognize notes, intervals, chords, scales, and tempo. You will be developing Absolute Pitch and Relative Pitch.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You will start noticing results right away. Ear Trainer tracks your progress so that you always see yourself improving. The learning curve is very individual. For most people, the process is not linear. In other words, there are slopes and valleys along the way. The key with ear training is regular practice and patience.

Do I have to have any prior music training to use the program?

Ear Trainer is easy and intuitive to use. There are also built in Wikipedia style reference pages to help you get your head around the things you may not know, like where the notes are located on the note staff and piano keyboard, or how different chords are constructed. The main thing you have to know prior to using Ear Trainer is that all music is constructed from notes, intervals, and chords. And that for musicians it is essential to know what you are hearing, especially when it comes to intervals and chords.

May I use my instrument to interface with the program?

Ear Trainer supports MIDI via USB, which means that you can use your MIDI device with the program for input. You can also use the built in graphical piano control or a multiple choice of answers for input.

Can the program be customized so that I may target my weak spots?

Ear Trainer allows for very granular customization. You can select your note range, interval types, chords types and number of inversions, scales types, and tempo types. You can select from over twenty playback instruments, including an option for random playback. You can have the intervals and chords sound in unison, or separately. You’ll find even more things to customize once you start using Ear Trainer.


Jimmy, USA

I recommend this program because it has simple yet powerful facilities to customize the training exactly to what you need it to be. Good product.

Hans, Germany

This is good program, I use every day. It is fun because I make progress. I plan to use until I have perfect pitch.

Fabio, Italy

It’s nice looking application. You can see that a lot of thought was put in to make better. Good job.

Ear Trainer

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