Simple to use

Use right out of the box. No configurations, no manuals to read — just install and use. Note Trainer teaches you in a simple yet highly effective way.

Easy to customize

All facets of your training are fully customizable: range, sharps/flats, types of intervals and chords, chord inversions, unison or arpeggiated chord playback sound, playback instruments, bass or treble clefs, classical or jazz notation for chords, and amount of questions per section.

Progress tracking

Note Trainer monitors your progress for each session as you train, and also collects data from previous sessions. The historical data from your previous lessons can be cleared with a click of a button.

MIDI instrument support

Note Trainer supports MIDI via USB, which means that you can use your MIDI instrument with the program for playback. You can also use the built in 88 key graphical piano or a multiple choice of answers for input.

Educational references

Note Trainer has a built in Wikipedia style illustrations with note positions on the note stave and keyboard, as well as intervals and chord formulas. The illustrations are also printable.


Note Trainer


How will I benefit from using this program?

You will learn to read and play notes, intervals, and chords on the note stave.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You will start noticing results right away. Note Trainer tracks your progress so that you always see yourself improving. The more you do it, the better you will become at it. Note Trainer is a great starting point for beginning to learn playing from sheet music.

Do I have to have any prior music training to use the program?

Note Trainer is easy and intuitive to use. There are also built in Wikipedia style reference pages that illustrate all the content that you will be training on. Namely, the reference pages illustrate where the notes are located on the piano keyboard and note stave, and how intervals and chords are constructed. Anyone who understands the overall concept of sheet music is ready to use Note Trainer to learn to play by notes.

May I use my instrument to interface with the program?

Note Trainer supports MIDI via USB, which means that you can use your MIDI device with the program for input – and this method is highly recommended. You can also use the built in graphical piano control or a multiple choice of answers for input.

Can this program help me learn to Sight Read?

Absolutely. Using the Note Trainer is a great starting point for learning to read sheet music. Before you can develop the ability to Sight Read entire scores, you will need to be comfortable with playing the notes on the note stave, and Note Trainer is aimed at teaching you this important skill.


James, USA

This app rocks! I use it at home with my Roland RD 700, and then at work without the piano. I learned to play by notes in like a month.

Peter, Canada

The Note Trainer has been a good solution for me. I used it to get me started, and after a few weeks I switched to playing from notes.

Alain, France

Good program, professionally done. Fast results for me.

Note Trainer

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