Simple to use

Use these solfege exercises out of the box. No configurations, no manuals to read — just install and use. Solfege Singing Trainer teaches you in a simple yet highly effective way.

Easy to customize

All facets of your solfege training are fully customizable: range, sharps/flats, types of intervals and scales, ascending/descending scale order, bass/treble clef, playback instrument, and amount of questions per section.

Progress tracking

Solfege Singing Trainer monitors your progress for each session as you train, and also collects data from previous sessions. The historical data from your previous solfege practice can be cleared with a click of a button.

Tone hints

This feature lets you press a note on the 88 key graphical piano to hear how it should sound ahead of trying to sing it. While the notes is playing for you, the sound input is disabled. This way, you have to sing the note correctly to advance to the next note.

Educational references

Solfege Singing Trainer has built in Wikipedia style illustrations with note positions on the note stave and keyboard, as well as intervals and scale formulas. The notes to sing are rendered on the note stave with the corresponding solfege syllable (ex. Do, Di, Re, Ri, Mi, Fa, Fi, So, Si, La, Li, Ti). Also, the note to be sung on the note stave is also highlighted on the 88 key graphical piano, which will come in handy for users not yet proficient in sheet music grammar.


Solfege Singing Trainer


How will I benefit from using this program?

Aside from increasing your vocal range and tone quality, you will also strongly develop your musical ear with relative and absolute pitch ability.

Can this program help me learn to Sight Read?

Absolutely. By using Absolute Pitch Trainer, you will develop the ability to hear the note in your head before you actually sing it. The ability to hear the notes before you play them is key to Sight Reading.

How can this program help me expand my vocal range?

With regular usage, your vocal range will definitely be expanded. Absolute Pitch Trainer will probe your vocal range by asking you to sing the lowest and highest note that you can. Once your current range is determined, you will sing the notes within that range, and in time your vocal cords will grow stronger, at which point an extra note will be added. This may be done automatically, or manually.

Will I benefit from this program if I am not a singer?

Yes, all musicians will greatly benefit, no matter if you are a singer, an instrumentalist, or both. You will greatly develop your inner ear. In order to sing the notes correctly, you first have to hear those notes correctly in your mind.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You will start noticing results right away. Absolute Pitch Trainer tracks your progress so that you always see yourself improving. The learning curve is very individual and depends on several factors, including a person’s vocal range. Be that as it may, with regular usage, this program works for everyone, and in time you will be able to perfectly sing all the notes within your vocal range.


Dan, USA

Holy moly! I did it! It took me 3 months to build my sight singing from nothing to the heights. My best recommendation!

Susie, UK

The greatest tutor ever! I have been using it for a month to learn solfege and it works as promised. Never have had any issues. Luv it!

Peter, Austria

This app showed me how to learn solfege efficiently. Just a month of solfa and sight singing practice - and hurray - my skills grew incredibly! Expecting to pass my solfeggio exam at the best :)

Monic, USA

I am new in practicing solfa skills, so notes sounding examples are indispensable for me now. The lessons are well structured. The results of daily practicing are evident. Just perfect!

Solfege Singing Trainer

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